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Morcaine of Grayce by Zousha Morcaine of Grayce :iconzousha:Zousha 17 6
Mature content
Temple of Temptation 1 :iconzousha:Zousha 5 5
Temple of Temptation Prologue
Temple of Temptation
A Dungeons & Dragons WG Story
Prologue: The Redriver Five

The chilly mountain air left a thick fog that greeted the adventurers as they came up the footpath.
"Why can't we ever go plunder a ruin near civilization or something!" cried a tall human at the back, dressed in dark leathers and wearing a big cloak.
"Why do you think the lich chose this place to hide?"  A thin, graceful eladrin in embroidered red robes looked back at him.  "So he wouldn't get pestered by adventurers like us."
Lady Daria Alvesdottir sighed as her companions chattered behind her.  She was the leader of the Redriver Five, a band of adventurers who traveled the land doing what adventurers did best.  Killing monsters and taking their stuff.  She liked to think that she was doing more than that.  That Pelor smiled on her for every evil she slew in his name.  But she and her companions often found themselves entering anc
:iconzousha:Zousha 8 3
The Commands of a King
"You are not a king because you are above your people.  You are not a king because you are better than your people.  You are a king because you have shown that you are up to the task."  The man in his officious robes stood before the young man seated on the throne, hands outstretched and waving as he droned about the duties of a king, of being the servant of the people, rather than their master.
"Can we just get the coronation over with?" the young man finally ventured.  Some of the members of the court who looked on breathed a sigh of relief, while the Voice stopped short.  Apparently he was the only one not annoyed by the interruption.
"These are traditions, milord," the Voice said, suddenly sounding more interested in what he was saying than he'd been for the past ten minutes.
"They cannot be pushed aside simply because you are bored."
"They are things that I've been told by my tutors for years.  I don't think I need a day-
:iconzousha:Zousha 0 0
If god was a potato would we love the light the shadow of sleep hangs over my mind and body chalk scratching across the board people scratching across the street ideas scratching across the internet planet scratching across the velvet-stretched sky.
If god was a princess would she have the head of a beautiful woman with the body of a cucumber the marx brothers doing mad libs with an alligator pie.
Heroic couplets dance across the floor,
Until they find their way up to the door.
And tumble out with last week's laundry.
If god was a gong who's to say freedom wouldn't ring poem scratching across the page words scratching across the madness sleep scratching across the quiet unseeing mind.
:iconzousha:Zousha 2 0
Game Night
Let’s see that’s thirteen plus six. Nineteen.
Nineteen. That’s a hit.
The paladin swings his sword and nearly shears the griffin’s wing off.
Okay, now it’s his turn.
Another player picks up the small plastic jewel.
Twenty sides.
A natural one. That’s a miss.
The wizard’s spell fizzles in her hand.
The master sits across from us, behind his screen.
The griffin attacks the paladin.
Natural twenty. That’s a critical.
The griffin’s claws rip the paladin’s mail, leaving deep, almost fatal wounds.
How many HP do I have?
You’re not dead yet.
I hope the cleric heals me on his turn.
:iconzousha:Zousha 1 0
We climb up, up
Away from the dim, dim Metro.
The stairs move beneath my feet
The sky is grey and heavy with clouds
The air bites with a chill
Should have brought a coat.
I’m a Minnesotan
I’m tougher than this.
But I should have brought a coat.
On solid concrete again, looking
In a wide arc.
Green grass and trees
Interspersed with gravel and blacktop,
Surrounded on all sides by huge
Buildings, trying to look impressive
on this chilled
DC day.
They’re all over today.
At the popcorn stands
The hotdog stands
Flowing in and out of the museums.
I look around again
There aren’t any true shops here
I say.
Why do they call it The Mall?
:iconzousha:Zousha 0 0
Half-Elf, Half-Dwarf
Half-Elf, Half-Dwarf
Arctus looked up ahead at the light flickering from the cabin window. He could see all across the large grassy meadow between the edge of the woods where he stood and home. The herdsmen had taken the sheep home by now. He had one rabbit with him and a whole lot of empty snares. There was no denying it. He just wasn’t meant to be a trapper. The locals said anyone with elven blood was a good hunter. But then the locals assumed that elves were better at everything, from hunting to singing to walking. What was that they always said? “Anything a man can do, an elf can do while balancing on a tightrope made with a single hair, and make it look sleeker and prettier at the same time!” But apparently trapping wasn’t one of those things. He couldn’t remember what he’d gotten mad about this time, but whenever he got angry, he’d go and check the snares. They were normally empty, but today there was at least one rabbit kind enough to walk into
:iconzousha:Zousha 3 20

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Paid In Fullness :iconw-oo-t:w-oo-t 1,414 67


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I am a man with a low opinion of his own writing, an appreciation for the overweight female form, and a devotion to literature of almost all stripes. I play Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder when I can and I love single-player RPG's. I am also a Minnesotan with a dislike of work and a deep love of good food.

Current Residence: Hastings, Minnesota, in a brand new bedroom
Favourite genre of music: Mostly power metal, but my taste in music is all over the place
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Any of the default Windows ones. I'm too lazy to get anything else.
Skin of choice: Anything that isn't sunburnt.
Favourite cartoon character: Clover, of Totally Spies
Personal Quote: "Sorry for the delay, folks!"
  • Listening to: Nothing
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  • Watching: YouTube videos
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
  • Eating: Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Drinking: Overpriced frozen coffee drinks
Well, after a month of procrastination, frustration, hope, and lots of writing and deleting, I only clocked in at about 13,000 words.  I have failed NaNoWriMo.  Perhaps I shouldn't have even tried.


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